Animal Recognition

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It is natural to distinguish an animal from its species with the naked eye of a human being, but if a computer recognizes an animal by viewing an image or video data and derives a result, it can be used in a variety of industries beyond the field of computer vision. For example, the results of animal detection can be used in research fields related to animal classification, preventing animal-vehicle collisions, which can cause injury and property damage to animals and humans.
Animal detection AI recognizes people, birds, cats, dogs, horses, sheep, cows, elephants, bears, zebras and giraffes from uploaded image and video data and displays their species and locations.

Main function

1. Animal Recognition
  • Use of classification results in related research
  • Classification of animals and identification of animal populations
  • Improvement of autonomous driving through animal detection system
  • Animal-vehicle collision avoidance
2. Data Security System
  • Thorough data security through security processing
3. Providing various services
  • Interlocking between apps, web and programs is possible by providing various programming languages

API Summary

Data Data type Content Use mode
Input data JPG, PNG, MP4 등 Image or video data
Output data JPG, PNG, JSON 등 Display animals and species from the original data(coordinates, labeled images)

Application procedure

Payment Subscription method Attached file upon application
Prepaid charge Online -
Application procedure
  • Apply for service at Home page
  • Business verification and online contract signing
  • Use the generated artificial intelligence as an API


Category Pricing
API Setting $1,800 ~
API Predicting $0.02 / Image