Outdoor advertising efficiency measurement service

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DS2.ai's outdoor advertising efficiency measurement service is

collects population data based on heating elements and provides data-based advertising efficiency.

It verifies advertising efficiency as an objective indicator.

By automatically counting the number of traffic in subway stations where outdoor advertisements are installed, you can check the effectiveness of advertisements in the location and how long the average person stops as objective indicators.

You can increase advertising efficiency with indexed data.

In places where a large number of people pass through, the effect of exposure may increase rapidly depending on the stop or wait time. Based on the indexed advertisement exposure data, it is possible to send or install optimized advertisements for each zone, such as areas where there is a lot of stationary people, and can recommend advertisement locations according to the direction desired by the advertiser.

Collect data with a thermal sensor.

Thermal sensor eliminates the need to process personal information protection procedure to collect data. It can simply measure the efficiency based on the heating element.

Provides real-time dashboard

It automatically visualizes and provides exposure data collected through the dashboard. Data on the dashboard can be checked in real time by setting the synchronization cycle.

  •   Population traffic count
  •   Aggregation of moving population and stationary population by time period
  •   Aggregating average population traffic and length of stay

Provides advertising zoning function

Through the zoning function, you can separately aggregate the exposure score of advertisements by angle, or measure the exposure level only for the desired area. This allows you to measure the efficiency of the signage in depth.

  •   Simple and intuitive zoning
  •   Recognition of foot traffic classified by area and data collection
  •   Aggregation of traffic time by area

Variety of advertising analysis

DS2.ai Outdoor Advertising Efficiency Measurement Service can recognize any heating element, and can measure a wider area, such as rooftop signage or highway billboard, depending on the performance of the installed camera.

실시간 대시보드 제공

대시보드를 통해 수집되는 노출도 데이터를 자동으로 시각화하여 제공합니다. 대시보드의 데이터는 동기화 주기를 설정하여 실시간 확인할 수 있습니다.

  •   인구 유동량 집계
  •   시간대별 통행 인구 및 정지/대기 인구 집계
  •   평균 인구 통행량 및 체류 시간 집계

광고 구역설정 기능 제공

구역설정 기능을 통해 각도에 따른 광고의 노출 점수를 별도 집계하거나, 희망 구역에 대해서만 노출도를 측정할 수 있습니다. 이를 통해 전광판에 대한 효율을 더욱 디테일하게 측정할 수 있습니다.

  •   간편하고 직관적인 구역 설정
  •   구역 별 분류된 유동인구 인식 및 데이터 수집
  •   구역 별 통행 인구 체류시간 집계

보다 다양한 광고 분석

DS2.ai 옥외광고 효율 측정 서비스는 열을 감지할 수 있는 발열체라면 인식 가능하며, 설치 카메라의 성능에 따라 옥상간판, 고속도로 옥외간판 등 더욱 넓은 구역을 측정할 수 있습니다.

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