Inventory optimization

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Problems such as worker errors and delayed inventory movements during warehouse management have a negative impact on service quality and customer satisfaction. Inventory optimization can reduce inventory holding costs and improve cash flow and supply chain visibility.
The inventory optimization of AI is based on the latest deep learning to analyze the delivery time of the supply and demand company, quality issues, sales volumes, inventory, and product line interruption to build real-time recommendations and monitoring of inventory. As a result, you can perform planning and root cause analysis to optimize inventory levels and manage inventory.

Main function

1. Inventory optimization
  • ost reduction through inventory optimization
  • Work efficiency improvement by reducing unnecessary work
2. Data Security System
  • Thorough data security through security processing
3. Providing various services
  • Interlocking between apps, web and programs is possible by providing various programming languages

API Summary

Data Data type Content Use mode
Input data CSV Delivery time, sales volume, inventory, manufacturing date, number of defective items API
Output data CSV Holding stock quantity prediction API

Application procedure

Payment Subscription method
Attached file upon application
Prepaid charge
Online Customer data required for model creation
Application procedure
  • Apply for service at Home page
  • Training data upload 
  • Consultant review and confirmation of availability
  • Business verification and online contract signing
  • Model generation
  • Use the generated artificial intelligence as an API 


Category Price
API Setting $1,800 ~
API Predicting $0.002/row